NIC Live 2017


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7/6 - Red Butte

Hailing from Casper, Wyoming, Red Butte is singer-songwriters J Allen Mitchell and Chris Weydeveld together with bassist Greg Kearns, and percussion Dale Krasovetz . Although the band was formed in 2015, Weydeveld and Mitchell performed together in the 1980s, busking on the streets of the Far East. They have both been writing songs ever since and have gotten together to play whenever their paths crossed. The two songwriters began to collaborate and were pleasantly surprised at how well their music and Wyoming accents complemented each other. After a few, small public performances, they realized that they needed to fill out their sound with a bass. Since Mitchell had previously played with Kearns they invited him to sit in. It was a natural fit and, by the end of January, Red Butte was born. Soon after Krasovetz came into the mix to form the melodies now regarded as some of the best Casper Wyoming has to offer. Red Butte now performs at every opportunity and would bring their road show to your town at the drop of a hat!

7/13 - Modern Bygones

Seattle based Modern Bygones was conceived in 2015 by guitarist/vocalist Cameron Armstrong (Sebastian and the Deep Blue, Honeysuckle Rye) and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Caitlin Belem (Maracuja). Together they craft a sound that references the roots of early innovative American music while tastefully finding ways to create a distinctive sound of their own. The group elegantly tie their influences together utilizing the storytelling of folk, the improvisations of swing, with the smooth vocal harmonies of bluegrass to craft original songs that represent an old American tradition in a truly modern way.

7/20 - Scott Ellison

Scott Ellison is a Tulsa born Blues artist, with hints of Rock 'n' Roll and Soul wrapped into a contemporary shell. Scott has been credited many times on silver screen and on stage with blues legends such as B.B. King and Bobby "Blue" Bland.

7/27 - Steve Frame & His Western Rebels

You stand at the intersection of Steve Frame and the Western Rebel Sound. It’s where cool ol’ school music meets a modern edge. A little country. A little Americana. True grit. High energy. Always genuine, just like the west where it roams. Ingredients include a bit of Buck and Dwight, a dash of Johnny Cash, and sprinkles of Steve Earle and Tom Petty, thrown in with his own experiences to drive home a hot sound that has entertained thousands of people in audiences across America. After another 100+ show year in 2016, on top of a 17 year career, Steve Frame and his Western Rebels head out again across the American West, with a brand new CD for 2017, “COMMON GROUND”.


8/3 - Cory McDaniel Due

Highly literate song writing, running the gamut of Americana from alt/country to cabaret blues.

8/10 - Ten Ton Cadillac

Ten Ton Cadillac is a party band serving the Casper, Wyoming area.  They play country and classic rock favorites and aim to put on a show!

8/17 - John Kirlin and the High Plains Drifters

8/24 - Flagship Romance

Fluent, intense acoustic guitar playing; lyrics of life’s peaks, troughs, mysteries and wonders; soaring, yearning vocals; tender, though oft-anthemic melodies, and harmonies one could barely separate with a single human hair: this is the Flagship Romance sound. Live, sharing a custom-built dual microphone stand, they deliver their beautiful material with passionate abandon, living each song as if it will be the last they will ever perform. Such commitment to their music and stagecraft has, in just a few short years, seen the aptly-monikered Flagship Romance become huge favourites of the North American house concert circuit. This suits them just fine, as Shawn and Jordyn’s preferred performance scenario is an intimate venue where the audience is tucked up close enough to them that they can hear them breathe (and, unfailingly, gasp at Shawn and Jordyn’s chemistry and dynamics). Yet they have also appeared at festivals, clubs and concert halls, sharing stages with international acts including Half Moon Run, Iris DeMent, Mason Jennings and the Goo Goo Dolls.

8/31 - Better Than Biscuits

Better Than Biscuits are a fun, original, contemporary folk trio from Colorado. Inspiring, funny & full of heart! Band members: Steef Sealy, Eric Weber and Chris Sealy.