Stephen Glueckert: All Mixed Up

Feb. 2 – April 29

All Mixed Up is an overview of Glueckert’s art production from the 1970s to the present. The exhibition includes videos, handmade games, drawings, conceptual pieces, drawing machines, collages, interactive sculptures, and assemblages. Glueckert is inspired by folk and intuitive artist traditions such as the L.A. sculptor H. C. Westermann, as well as Modernists such as Montana artist Robert DeWeese, and Washington artists Harold Balasz and Edward Kienholz.

Glueckert’s art is a conduit for his concern over a host of social ills and human behaviors while likewise championing social justice and cultural values. Storytelling, in its many forms, is central to his work. From the narrative structure and emotional antics of country western ballads to accounts of local history, Glueckert emphasizes the emotional or humorous content of his subject matter.

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