A Shallow Look at the Deep End: Mark Paxton


The discipline and process of traditional oil painting has always been of interest to me. The physical act of painting, the trial and error of working with the medium, the anticipation, the possibilities of what may be uncovered. That is my art, my aesthetic. What is produced is the result or consequence of those action. Art is always distinct to the individual creating it, and results in a work that is tangled up with what ever the artist is thinking, smelling,
hearing, tasting, as well as seeing, while creating it. Once created, the work belongs to the experiences of the viewers.

However, why we paint is an altogether different matter, and one that I have trouble understanding. Imagine what it took to be the first to put paint to cave wall. What sort of abstract thinking had to take place in order for that to happen? Painting or art may have been a move into consciousness, it may be what makes humans human. For me, that may be the why. As of now, I’m still in the cave watching the shadows dance on the wall, trying to decipher the consciousness behind them.


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Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Mark Paxton
  • Gallery: McMurry Gallery
  • Start Date: May 27
  • End Date: August 21