AD EQUUS: Nick Thornburg


Thornburg is a multidisciplinary artist and writer based out of Lander, Wyoming. He is a graduate of The University of Iowa with Bachelors of Arts degrees in Cinema & Comparative Literature and Theatre Arts. He is the 2018 winner of the Spirit of Wyoming art competition and has been honored twice as part of the Nicolaysen Art Museum’s Best in Show category during its annual art gala, including a second-place award in 2020. Work of his has been featured on the independent screen and stage, overseas, and at various institutions and exhibition spaces in the United States, including the Yellowstone Art Museum, The Nicolaysen Art Museum, the State Historical Museum of Iowa, and the White House Visitor Center.

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For millennia the horse has been a companion, compatriot, and accomplice to the efforts of humankind. Its impact is so profound that it has become embedded within cultures and mythology the world over. From the nomadic peoples of the eastern steppes to the chivalric orders of central Europe and the horse tribes of North America, the horse has left its mark on those who thought to domesticate it. Through the use of oil paintings, illustrations, and mixed media pieces, this exhibition explores the horse in the context of the American West, of its spirited place within the western mythos, and the ethnological underpinnings of its iconic status within the American zeitgeist.

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Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Nick Thornburg
  • Gallery: Ptasynski Gallery
  • Start Date: October 8th
  • End Date: January 9th