Aubrey Ellis: Against the Grain

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Aubrey Ellis is a mixed media artist born and raised in the Cowboy State. With degrees in English, Fine Art, and Photography, her educational goals were mainly aimed at creative writing and illustration. Today her creative focus is centered on capturing glimpses of genuine western life. She gathers and captures moments to later develop into images that suggest a forgotten memory or provoke a certain nostalgia. By hand-tinting, printing, and painting each image and layering colors, objects, and images between encaustic mediums, she encourages the viewer to reminisce. Each piece is a glimpse of the past caught in the present and a reminder that time is fluid and fleeting. By using photography along with various mixed media, she blurs the lines between fact and fiction. When not working as an artist or children’s librarian, she can be found rodeoing or working on her own little patch of Wyoming soil.



This collection “Against the Grain” seeks to reveal a story, a moment, a memory… of a western landscape. Each piece is as unique as the wood grain it is held by and as textured and gritty as the people and animals that call it home. These images become a reminder of genuine and resilient beauty that can only be found by chance and the click of a shutter. 

Find out more about her artwork on Facebook or Instagram @twistedfeatherartworks.

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Aubrey Ellis
  • Gallery: Third Floor Gallery
  • Start Date: September 25
  • End Date: December 27