Blue Wyoming: Cari Faye


Cari Faye Antonovich in a photographer living in central Wyoming. She was born in 1992 and homeschooled until she attended college at the age of 15. Inspired by her own experiences and her surroundings, she began taking self-portraits under the guide of her professor Mr. Keogh. Through the exploration of herself, Antonovich built the confidence she needed to photography anyone and anything.


Using the cyanotype printing method, a method established in the early 1800ʼs by scientist and astronomer Sir John Hirschel, I have created an art installment which allows the viewer to experience Wyomings beauty through a focused filter. Wyoming is vast and full of magic. Wyoming is an attitude. Wyoming is a way of life. We who call this state place home, are as honest and deep as we are unpredictable and gritty. Big, blue, beautiful Wyoming, a one of a kind place with one of a kind people. “Be as tough as the land that made you”

Special Thanks:

A special thanks to Shawn Rivett, to whom Blue Wyoming is dedicated to. A true friend and one of my biggest inspirations for this show. Shawn always encouraged me to “think bigger, Cari!” and to not be afraid of the grandeur of the ideas I have. Thank you, Shawn. You are so missed.

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Cari Faye
  • Gallery: Ptasynski Gallery
  • Start Date: July 14, 2023
  • End Date: Dec 23, 2023