Casper Artists’ Collective Members Exhibition: Elements / Miniatures


The Casper Artists’ Collective aims to foster a community where visual arts play a central and significant role as a source of meaning, pleasure, connections, and value.

This organization centered clearly on the arts, welcomes all artists, promotes learning, has ties to other art groups, and supports the personal adventure of creation.

We invite you to join our growing membership. Dues are thirty-five dollars for the first year. Benefits of membership include events, exhibits, contests, art classes, newsletter, a gallery to display your artwork, and online presence (where displaying member contact info for sales is provided) via our website.

The Casper Artist’s Collective gives all Casper artists a community for sharing ideas, creative support, and positive relationship building.  The Collective facilitates networking, workshops, exhibitions and sales for its members.

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Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Casper Artists' Collective
  • Gallery: True & Schnieder & Farleigh
  • Start Date: January 20th
  • End Date: June 30th