Casper Artists’ Collective Members Exhibition: Stevie Vanderheiden: Ludakris


Art is not perfect. No perfect lines or color combinations. I remind myself of this every time the paint comes flowing out of the can or off of the brush. It doesn’t have to make sense to everyone, but it always makes sense to the creator. I’m sure my artistic choices seem “Ludakris” to some people and I’m really proud of that. Nothing I create was meant to fit into a box. This exhibit is an abstract reflection of my overcrowded mind, depicted through spray paint and acrylic. The influences of Salvador Dali, David Choe, and Andy Warhol are represented in each piece.

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Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Stevie Vanderheiden
  • Gallery: True & Schnieder & Farleigh
  • Start Date: March 10th
  • End Date: May 6th