Clint Saunders: Alternate States of Reality: Finding Harmony in Chaos




Clint Saunders has a Masters in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University San Francisco. Aside from his passion for creating fine art images, he has also worked as a professional photographer since 1999, and has taught classes and seminars in photography and art since 2003.

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“Photography has traditionally been used for its mimetic nature – for capturing what already exists. As an artist, I use a camera like a pencil to create new environments. Using my original photographs as elements in a montage, I distort, manipulate and reinterpret shapes, colors, and light, to open new vistas. Through this process, I visually communicate the imagery and concepts I develop in my mind.”

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Clint Saunders
  • Gallery: McMurry Gallery
  • Start Date: January 12
  • End Date: April 18