Colors of the Collection: Exploring Color Theory in the Permanent Collection.

‘Colors of the Collection’ will explore different Color Theories using pieces from the NIC’s permanent collection. This exhibition was curated by Nancy Madura.
Get your first look at this exhibition by joining us this Friday, March 31st, from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM!


“I migrated to the West from Ohio over 37 years ago to settle in Casper, Wyoming, where I began my 32-year teaching career at Casper College. Armed with a BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design, an MA from Ohio State University, and 10 years of experience as a graphic designer, I taught many different courses: 2-D Design, Color Theory, Illustration, Airbrush Painting, Graphic Design, Painting, Landscape Painting, Pastel Life Drawing, Computer Graphics, Perspective Drawing, Art Education, General Studio Art, and Printmaking. During my tenure at the College, I sometimes could be found in the Theatre Dept., designing sets, building props, painting scenery, designing and sewing costumes, and twice acted in summer productions. I have designed over eight seasons of theatre posters.
My true love is COLOR. I remember when I was about 14, I watched a painting demonstration by Nell Wade, a then 80-year-old Ohio Landscape Impressionist. She announced that tree bark is not “brown” but “blue”! I knew this old woman was crazy. It took many years until I observed that some tree bark is indeed blue. I have spent and still spend most of my time observing color everywhere, watching it change in the moving light and flux across surfaces. I have been known to try to make anyone near me join in on my wondrous observations. I cannot stop looking and teaching. I try desperately to capture these fleeting colors in my own works. For me, the best way to paint color is to exaggerate it. If I see a yellowish-greenish grey, I paint lime green! Always look for the “ishes.”
Color Theory was my greatest of all-time joy to teach. I think I may have learned as much from my students as I taught them. I have learned a brand new chapter of knowledge on how artists use color while curating this show. If you are curious, find me, we’ll talk.”
– Nancy Madura

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Multiple Artists
  • Gallery: McMurry Gallery
  • Start Date: March 31st
  • End Date: April 21st