Connections, Too: Vicki Windle

I am not the only one enamored of the intricate connections between us. Many others have been, also: artists, poets, ancient philosophers, Kevin Bacon. Science teaches about life cycles, symbiosis, parasites, food chains, and webs. We trade air with the trees.
We all have stories of random connections through time and space. We have run into a fellow Casperite on Machu Picchu, or at an airport in Frankfurt. You and your partner lived only blocks apart in childhood, but didn’t meet until you were grown. How many times have two people’s paths crossed, just not at the same time. Each of us is part of a constellation, and our constellations commingle.
My fascination with connections began at an outdoor celebration. It was a perfect time with friends, music, trees, and a rare moment in which I stood silent amongst it all. Soaking it in, I suddenly felt a convergence. Boundaries blurred and I felt one with everything. The experience was harmonic.
I have long struggled with portraying this concept, with making the invisible visible, and making the infinite finite. This installation is just one attempt to do so.
In “Connections, Too”, the full figure is a representation of Everywoman. The group of masks represent the crowd of people in one’s life. And a plain, unlit mask in the middle piece is symbolic of both the motherless child, and the childless mother. A motherless child feels the space where the mother would have been, and when a mother loses a child, whether by death or by distance, her light goes dim.
I hope this installation illuminates harmonic connections in your life.
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Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Vicki Windle
  • Gallery: Third Floor
  • Start Date: July
  • End Date: September