Cristin Zimmer: The Luminosity of Little Things


Cristin Zimmer is an artist based in Lander, a small mountain town in central Wyoming.  She received her BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in ceramics from Pitzer College in Claremont, CA in 2001 and her MFA from the University of Utah in 2010.  

Zimmer’s studio practice incorporates diverse mediums as she approaches every endeavor in her life through the lens of art.  Currently, she is working mainly in ceramics and painting and both mediums and bodies of work inform one another. Concern for formal topics such as line and color and the way they relate to three-dimensional form as well as found objects can be seen in her paintings. The shadows and graphic lines that can be observed in nature, specifically aspens groves, and also in whimsical children’s book illustrations are inspirations for her surfaces.

Zimmer’s work will be available to visit in person in The NIC’s Ptasynski Gallery till September 20.

Find out more about Cristin Zimmer and her artwork on her website at

20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0004
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0003
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0002
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0006
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0010
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0011
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0012
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0014
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0015
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0017
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0020
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0018
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0022
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0023
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0025
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0027
20200615-Uptain-Cristin Zimmer_Luminosity-0028

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Cristin Zimmer
  • Gallery: Ptasynski Gallery
  • Start Date: May 22
  • End Date: September 20