Florence Alfano McEwin: Red Riding Hood Speaks

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Florence Alfano McEwin is a Wyoming artist of print and paint mediums who often merges the two pursuits while exploring concepts beyond the making process. Her prints of the Red Riding Hood Series are wry commentaries on daily male/female interactions and mundane domestic chores.

Her paintings and prints have been appreciated by international and national audiences including those in Japan, Canada, Italy, Germany, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, and France. Among her awards for these works are the prestigious George and Helen Segal Foundation Award in Painting ( NJ), both 2017 and 2009 Wyoming State Art Fellowships, and an international print award in Beijing China, to highlight a few national and international acknowledgments. Her works are included in the art appreciation text, The Aesthetics of Art, Liza Renia Papi, Cognella Publishing 2017, St. John’s University, NY. Alfano McEwin holds a Ph.D. on the aesthetics of art from the College of the Visual Arts at Un. of N. Texas, Denton.

To find out more about the artists or her work visit florencealfanomcewin.com



“In my revisionist works of Red Riding Hood, the real, the interpreted, and the imagined find their way as mixed metaphors recreating content into an original form. Present are male/female interactions considered with a playful twist of feminine empowerment. These works envision life after Red Riding Hood and the Wolf have set up household together and are dealing with 21st-century tensions. 

I approach these prints in a manner that is conscious of the materials and the applications. They are hand-pulled non-traditional photo intaglios, with chine collé of found or invented applications of paper. Within this process, I re-contextualize my pleasures of childhood play – paper dolls, books, and puzzles. Ephemera of magazine imagery and storybooks are processed through the imagination and manipulated, embedding the prints with visual innuendos while reflecting on my surroundings and social mores of the western USA.”

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Florence Alfano McEwin
  • Gallery: Bordewick Gallery
  • Start Date: October 2
  • End Date: December 27