Georgia Rowswell: Layer, Fold, Unfold




Georgia has been working as a professional studio artist for many years. Her primary influence is the beauty and interest she sees in nature’s patterns, colors, and textures. As a mixed media artist, Georgia enjoys working with unusual and environmentally friendly materials.

She believes that creative expression is part of living a full life. To help further this belief she teaches workshops in various media including papermaking and the Life Ring project.

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““Crazy” is a seventeen-inch wide by seventy foot-long
installation taking its design inspiration from the wildly
popular, intricately decorated, Crazy Quilts, of 1800s
America. The piece is composed of layers of thrift
store clothes from the top forty exporters to the United

Designed to spark conversations about “Fast Fashion”
and its cost to textile workers and the environment,
“Crazy” is a collaboration involving participants in the
“Slow Craft” of embroidery and the social aspects of a
traditional quilting bee. To date, I have done
embroidery collaborations with children and adults in
private and public settings from Cheyenne to Istanbul.
The finished piece can be displayed on tables creating
a monumental table runner or take inspiration from the
Bayeux Tapestry and be hung horizontally.”

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Georgia Rowswell
  • Gallery: McMurry Foundation Gallery
  • Start Date: September 25
  • End Date: December 27