Karen Henneck: The Poetry of Color

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Karen Henneck has always loved the Western landscape. She uses pastels with their brilliance and depth of color to capture the beautiful scenes. After 21 years of working as a Floral Designer, Karen decided to follow her lifelong dream of pursuing an art career. Karen went to Casper College and realized art was her life and her soul. She received a Degree in Fine Art and found she loves illustration, also. She has now written 14 children’ books she is illustrating, and currently has 3 published, “Something’s Fishy”, “This Skin I’m In’, and “Ben and Pirate Moon” Her newest book, “God Gave Me Everything I Need to be Me” is being published now. Also, Karen has painted numerous life-size fiberglass animals for fundraising events in Wyoming and South Dakota.

To Karen, art is not a hobby or pastime, art is her life, an emotional gift from God which has transformed her forever. Enjoy God’s Handiwork with Karen; the spirited vistas, dramatic unending skies…the Nostalgic Western Landscape! 

For more information about the artist or her work visit karenhenneck.com.


“My inspiration for creating art is Nature’s perpetually changing palette, season to season, day to day…the color, light, and shadows that cause vivid, often unexpected beauty in the Western Landscape. 

The golden sunsets and expanse of sapphire sky, the rusty red cliffs, the blaze of sunlight on gray-green prairie grasses, and the rich depth of color on the intricate petal of a delicate flower.

Travel with me on a poetic journey through landscapes and gardens that express the heart and soul of God’s Handiwork.”

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Karen Henneck
  • Gallery: Ptasynski Gallery
  • Start Date: September 25
  • End Date: December 27