Neon in the High Desert

The Nicolaysen Art Museum is thrilled to announce the opening of a captivating exhibit, Neon In The High Desert-A Group Exhibition curated by Connie Morgan from Casper, Wyoming and Tayler Drattlo from New Braunfels, TX, featuring the works of talented artists from across the country. This unique exhibition showcases the beauty and vibrancy of neon art, along with other mediums such as watercolors, photography, and hand-blown glass. The exhibition will be open to the public, providing an exciting opportunity for art enthusiasts and the local community to experience the magic of neon art firsthand.

The Neon Art Exhibition is a testament to the resurging popularity of neon art in recent years. As more and more young people embrace neon as a captivating art form, this exhibition aims to bring forth a new and exciting art experience to Wyoming. Alongside the neon artworks, visitors will also have the opportunity to explore the captivating world of watercolors, photography, and hand-blown glass, creating a diverse and visually striking display. The Nicolaysen Art Museum is proud to collaborate with esteemed sponsors and partners, including Reeb Welding, Drill Comm, Casper Artist Collective, T. Hawk Studio, Casper Children’s Dental Clinic, Best Western Hotels, Bar-D Sign, Nan Thorne, Johnny J’s, and Sarah Mentock. Their support has been instrumental in making this exhibition a reality and showcasing the immense talent of the participating artists.

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Various
  • Gallery: McMurry Gallery
  • Start Date: September 23rd
  • End Date: January 1st