Notable to Notorious: Women of the Wild West – Bria Hammock

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Bria is a contemporary wilderness painter, muralist, and graphic designer (mom + wife, too). She has exhibited across the western Front Range and works out of her west edge studio in Cheyenne, WY.  She is proud to have launched Wyoming’s first drive-by, a quarantine-friendly gallery in downtown Cheyenne in the Spring of 2020 and continues to curate new collections for exhibition.

Bria also serves on the board of Casper, WY’s Art321, and state-wide org WY/ART Coalition, both advocating for more exhibition opportunities for western artists.

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This collection of women who made their mark on the Wild West looks past the traditional beauty of portraiture and aims to uncover the texture, layers, and colors that illuminated these iconic figures in their day, while still resonating today. The execution of faces in a more realistic, yet pixelated manner, juxtaposed with unpredictable, gestural lines and bold colors speaks to the spirit of these women. Some found themselves amongst more noble pursuits than others, but all showcased strength and determination, not often found publicly amongst their peers of the era.

All source photography was uncovered in black and white, which allowed me to re-imagine the color palette of this collection in a way that felt authentic to my bold-color body of work, as well as revealing the essence of the subjects. Incorporating a digital component to the exhibition allows the viewer to peek deeper into a graphic execution of each subject’s background. Finding and incorporating inspiration from traditional art and technology is a theme that is consistently an important undercurrent in my work. 

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Bria Hammock
  • Gallery: Ptasynski Gallery
  • Start Date: May 19
  • End Date: September 19