Uplift: Ashley Hope Carlisle


Ashley Hope Carlisle is Associate Professor of Art in Sculpture at the University of Wyoming.  She has taught at UW for the past 19 years and has created art in the form of sculpture and drawing for 22 years. As an artist, Ashley has been the recipient of the ISC Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, has exhibited all over the United States, Europe, and Africa and was chosen as a Fellowship Artist Grant Recipient by the Wyoming Arts Council for 2007.  She is active in art and science communities and continues to find inspiration in plants of every kind.  Ashley Hope is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, but has comfortably made a home in Laramie Wyoming with her husband David Jones, and their son Dylan Elijah.

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Alice came to the bottom at last and ran along a passage into the large hall.  A little door led to a lovely garden but Alice was too big to get through.  Then she saw a bottle on a glass table and on the label was written: DRINK ME.

“Perhaps I shall shut up like a telescope,” said Alice, taking a drink-and she did!

Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland


We are asked and at times volunteer to make a transition, to disseminate from one place to another or from one moment to another. Imagine as a child and place yourself mentally within a milkweed seed being dispersed by chance or by choice.

There is no end, but a constant movement towards something.

We often travel away from what could be considered “home”: people, geography, known flavors, towards a new life experience.   Leaving home for the first time, fleeing from a natural disaster, or sometimes from circumstances beyond our control can often cause strife or anxiety within our world.

Imagine yourself as a seed taking flight by the wind and find strength as it plants itself in a new place.

Remember this moment as you are making a transition in your lives and positively reflect on the journey and experience itself versus where it may end. Transitions are an important part of our world and to anticipate their existence is to accept how wonderful they can be.

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  • Artist: Ashley Hope Carlisle
  • Gallery: Ptasynski Gallery
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