Women in the Permanent Collection


The curator has assembled various pieces held in The NIC’s permanent collection for this exhibit. The museum continues to showcase talented female artists all year long for our Year of the Woman series, and these pieces each tell a part of their unique story. Each piece is from a different significant female artist in our collection . They represent a multitude of styles, themes and periods. 


Art history can be quite limiting, in that, while it does present ideas about the movements, styles and artists that have come before us, it ultimately presents a skewed impression of the art world. 

Why is this? Those who were keeping record of artistic developments often forgot to include certain groups of individual people due to their gender, ethnicity or social standing. 

The art world must always strive to build a complete picture of art history and celebrate the work of artists who may be overlooked or marginalized during their careers. 

As we strive to do our part, we proudly present these 13 female artists from the 20th and 21st centuries for your engagement. 


Did you know that many of the world’s first artists were women? 

There are no records of who the artists of the prehistoric eras were, but studies show that women often were the primary artisans in the Neolithic and Paleolithic cultures, in which they created pottery, textiles, baskets, painted surfaces and jewelry. 

Women made most of the oldest-known cave art paintings, according to a recent analysis of ancient handprints. By comparing the relative lengths of certain fingers, this study revealed the three quarters of the handprints were most likely made by females. 


Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Group Show
  • Gallery: Bordewick and Mary Durham Galleries
  • Start Date: May 22
  • End Date: September 20