Black Cowboys: The Silent and Forgotten Riders of the Rockies

About the Exhibit

Our society has a way of downplaying Black contribution to this beautiful country in every aspect. I made this exhibit because I saw a very small display here in Casper, Wyoming. I applauded the effort made by organization and I made them a promise that next year we would have a better display. The next year we had a 23 piece set to show the public.

It is important to let people know that there were thousands of Black people came down the California, Oregon, & Mormon Trails. There are over 40 states that are debating which Black history to teach. The most important thing to do is teach our children the truth about Black history.

I am hoping that this exhibit will just plant a seed of curiosity to look and research for yourself to and see the things that Black people have contributed to the advancement of our nation.

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Jimmy Simmons
  • Gallery: --
  • Start Date: January 12
  • End Date: --