Noelle Weimann- Grand Breakdown: The Tetons Dissected

From the Artist

I would like our community to see the transformative power and aesthetic art can bring to a home space. I would like to see people invest in art when it inspires them or brings them peace, visual stimulus, or pleasure.

Capturing landscapes is an astounding task, and especially complex as a linear painter and colorist. My brain enjoys formative boundary lines and structure. I enjoy this both physically in my work space, and metaphorically in planning my artworks. I enjoy complex structures that warrant a breakdown of space. The dramatic shapes and nuances of The Tetons are a perfect example.

Part of my work in breaking down complex images has been to provide “safer” visual structures that deconstruct a workspace or living environment. By simplifying complex structure by sectioning, the structure becomes more approachable, workable, and processable.

Simply, a mountain can be moved, appreciated, and digested without fear of an impossible task at hand. Proverbially, you can do this.

This is the message I wish to convey in a workspace, home, or community space.

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Noelle Weimann
  • Gallery: --
  • Start Date: January 2
  • End Date: --