Eileen Nistler- Back to the Drawing Board

About the Project

“Do what is meaningful, not expedient.” Jordan Peterson

Most of my recent work has concentrated on still life. My paintings are strictly what I find to be appealing. I have always enjoyed still life paintings, especially paintings that made me want to crawl inside and look around. I strive for beautiful subjects and I like to juxtapose opposites in some form or another.

My work is inspired by Baroque painters Rubens and Caravaggio. I am a true and devoted follower of the chiaroscuro style. Extreme value (lightness and darkness) creates drama like a spotlight on the characters of a play. My medium of choice is colored pencils. They allow me the precision I seek (and no washing paint brushes).

About the Artist

I was born in the beautiful Inyan Kara area of the Black Hills in Wyoming. I left for seventeen years to pursue an education and short career as an architect. Then the magic of Wyoming called me back. My home is on the edge of the beautiful Black Hills. It is also the house that I drew my first paintings in as a child. We live on and operate the family ranch that lies between Upton and Sundance, Wyoming. Much of my inspiration comes from living and loving on a working ranch in northeast Wyoming.


Selected Honors and Awards:


Eileen has been a finalist for Artist’s magazine three times, a finalist for Artistic Excellence for Southwest Magazine four times (one of these was third place) and a finalist for International Artist magazine three times (one of these was second place). She won first place in the Artist’s Magazine All Media competition for colored pencil and she won Best in Show at the Richeson 75 still life and floral show. She’s received numerous prestigious awards from the Colored Pencil Society of America, the Salmagundi Club, the Wyoming Governor’s Capitol Arts Exhibition, The Bosque Art Show and many others. She is a signature member of; the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA), the Colored Pencil Society of America Explore This (CPX), American Plains Artists (APA), American Women Artists (AWA) and Artists of the Black Hills (ABH).

Website; EileenNistler.com

Facebook; Eileen Nistler Art

Youtube; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asU7wO9Gft8

Exhibit Details

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  • Start Date: January 12
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