Dick Termes: TOTAL VISUAL SPACE The Termesphere




Dick Termes is an internationally acclaimed artist whose work has been recognized from San Francisco to Paris, France, from New York to Japan, and his one of a kind spherical paintings have been published in books all over the world. Recently, Termes’ piece titled “The Big Bang” was featured on the cover of France’s publication of Une Belle Histoire du Temps which means A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking.

Unlike any other painter; Termes paints on spheres which, when completed, are known as Termespheres®. Each Termesphere® is a revolving three-dimensional space/time exploration of an entirely closed universe, meaning that what you see, rotating in front of you, is one complete world or environment.

You can view more from Dick Termes or learn more about the Termesphere at termesphere.com.


Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Dick Termes
  • Gallery: Ptasynski Gallery
  • Start Date: January 22
  • End Date: April 23