Flow Forward: Lin Sanford

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After a 20-year career with NetJets Aviation flying worldwide, Lin Sanford hung up her tired wings and returned to her Wyoming home of Buffalo! Lin has three children, enjoys gardening, reading, and walking along Clear Creek with Abbie, the dog. She graduated from Cody High School and attended the University of Wyoming. The TTT Ranch south of Kaycee was her home with Norman Lee Sanford for many years after college.


My most recent art adventure has been acrylic pours, also known as flow art. I like to use cheerful, bright colors, which has become a trademark even in my more traditional work.

Painting has been therapeutic for me- I wake up thinking of colors that make me happy! Knowing my art makes people smile is the best feeling ever!

If you would like to see more of Lin’s work you can go to her Instagram: @pourtraitsbylin

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Lin Sanford
  • Gallery: Third Floor
  • Start Date: July 1
  • End Date: August 31