Land of Joyous Color: David McDougall


David, born in California in 1949 , returned to art in 2001 and is best known for his vibrant acrylic fly-fishing scenes and riverscapes inspired by his work as a guide around the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming. His unique handcrafted frames often accompany the paintings. He also works in watercolor, charcoal and pastels and more recently feels compelled to capture the power of the bison in paintings as well as pictograph and petroglyph inspired drawings and minimum brush stroke work.

With the support of his wife and their son and the inspiration of art he entered remission and now follows his dream and passion by continuing to create art in his new home town of Dayton, Wyoming. There David and his wife Donna own and operate Painted Skull Studio situated on the 1930’s artist, Hans Kleiber homestead which they aim to preserve and care for as a historical setting.


This work is primarily acrylic on panels and supplemented with colorized line drawings. My work combines bright disparate objects, disturbed interiors, whimsical elements, and satirical circumstances to mine the visual depths of my subconscious imagination producing a visual overload with a wackadelic potpourri of bent perspective and characters from the land of joyous color. All this combined produces a rich a cacophonous stew of fictional scenarios that verge on almost the truth. The paintings fit loosely like a baggy pair of pants and are held together by simple yet elegant hand crafted frames. My frames that house my paintings are strong partners, a visual combination of picture and


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Exhibit Details

  • Artist: David McDougall
  • Gallery: Rosenthal Gallery
  • Start Date: May 20
  • End Date: August 13