Neal Forsling : Through the Artist’s Eye

For over 90 years, people have gathered from near and far on June 21st to celebrate Neal Forsling’s Midsummer Festival on Casper Mountain. The

festival, the capstone of Neal’s life as an artist, takes place at Crimson Dawn Park, which Neal gave to the Natrona County Parks Department in 1976.

“Neal Forsling was a Wyoming original,” Rebecca Hunt, Ph.D., and Director of the Crimson Dawn Association said. “Her writings, paintings, and storytelling created a unique mythology that runs counter to the classical cowboy narrative but enhances people’s understanding of our state.”


Forsling captured beautiful landscapes and intertwined them with her dreams and visions. She was a gifted storyteller who shared her stories through words and her paintings. Her work is colored by her vivid imagination and her willingness to push the limits.

During her lifetime, Neal’s paintings were included in exhibitions throughout the world. Through the Artist’s Eye will be the first showcase of her work in over 50 years.

The reception for Through the Artist’s Eye will be held on September 24th from 5:30 -7:30 pm at the Nicolaysen Art Museum. 

For more information visit the Crimson Dawn Park & Museum on Facebook.

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Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Neal Forsling
  • Gallery: Rosenthal Gallery
  • Start Date: September 24
  • End Date: December 28