New to the NIC / Picked by the NIC


New to the NIC

Did you know the Nicolaysen Art Museum has one of the largest art
collections in the state? There is over
8,000 diverse pieces, including local and world-famous artists.

Thanks to generous donors, sponsors, and members, these pieces were brought into the NIC’s permanent art collection in 2022.


Picked by the NIC

Enjoy seeing more of our permanent collection and learn more about
our staff members!

This unique exhibition was a
combined effort of the entire
Nicolaysen staff. Each staff member explored our collection and chose a piece they connected with.

Everyone experiences and sees art differently. This exhibition is just as
diverse and unique as our staff is.

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Several Artists
  • Gallery: Bordewick & Durham Gallery
  • Start Date: October 7
  • End Date: January 15