Wyoming Out Loud: Jake Hoffman

I’m just a guy that’s always struggled to live in the moment, always spending too much time observing life going by to interact with it fully. Finding joy in mundane moments and peace in some of the most chaotic events in town. To capture the soul within a moment of pure artistic expression, you’ve gotta embed yourself into that moment. Bringing out the essence of the intent of the performance, making local musicians realize the Rock star within. Developing local confidence and making memories out of some of the most electric moments in our community since CoVID has relaxed its grip on our sense of joy. Using technological know-how mixed with an eye for human expression to capture the sights to the sounds that our local music scene makes. 1/250th of a second of pure expression allows the viewer to get lost in whatever track that comes to mind when the feeling of the moment takes control.

Exhibit Details

  • Artist: Jake Hoffman
  • Gallery: Third Floor
  • Start Date: April
  • End Date: June